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Keyboard Warrior | Seasonal Espresso Blend


Keyboard Warrior was designed to be killer through milk. The idea was to bring out those flavours which classically pair well with milk - think chocolate tones, nuttiness, and a syrupy mouthfeel.

The coffees in this blend are developed slightly further, to highlight these characters and subdue acidity in the cup, for that smooth milk coffee everybody loves!

Whether you've got a big day ahead at the office and need that kick start, or you're up late at night trawling social media, Keyboard Warrior should be just what you need!



Dark Chocolate | Shortbread | Brazil Nut


Bold with balancing chocolate tones.

Brewing Suggestion:

20g in 40g out in 30-32 seconds

Current Coffees:

Base: 60% Finca Buena Vista | El Salvador 

Sweetness: 40% La Aurora | Colombia


Roast Info:
La Aurora - 22% Development Ratio
Buena Vista - 22% Development Ratio
Post Roast Blend
Suited to Espresso and Stovetop Brewing

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