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Keyboard Warrior | Seasonal Espresso Blend


Keyboard Warrior was designed to be killer through milk. The idea was to bring out those flavours which classically pair well with milk - think chocolate tones, nuttiness, and a syrupy mouthfeel.

The coffees in this blend pack a punch, with full-body flavours that will cut to the chase as you start your day.

Whether you've got a big day ahead at the office and need that kick start, or you're up late at night trawling social media, Keyboard Warrior should be just what you need!



Caramel | Dark Chocolate | Hazelnut


A full-bodied coffee to kickstart your day.

Evolve your brewing:

20g in 40g out in 28-32 seconds

Current Coffees:


50% Colombia Villa Mercedez

50% Honduras Vallecillo


Roast Info:
Villa Mercedez - 20% Development Ratio
Vallecillo - 20% Development Ratio
Post Roast Blend
Suited to Espresso and Stovetop Brewing

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