Nightcap | Decaf | Cane Sugar Decaffeination

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We've all been there - you feel like another coffee, but you've already had enough caffeine to rouse even the sleepiest of sloths. Decaf has a bad reputation, partly due to our love of our morning caffeination ritual, but mostly due to the fact that decaf is not given the same respect as its caffeinated compadre.


Nightcap is different. The coffee is produced by select farms in the Popayan region of Colombia, before being milled and sent to Caldas for decaffeination. In a unique technique developed in Colombia, the coffee is decaffeinated using sugar cane and water, enhancing sweetness and maintaining the original coffee attributes. 


Whether you're limiting your caffeine, or just want to be able to drink delicious coffee into the evening - it's time for a Nightcap.



Roast Info:

20% Development Ratio

Suited for all Brew Methods