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PREORDER - First Roast and Dispatch MON 23rd MAY

There's one week until the official launch of IYKYK - the Coffeefusion Dark roast. This coffee has a full body, with notes of Dark Chocolate, Golden Syrup and Cherry. This coffee is perfect for milk coffee lovers, with a lingering finish in the cup. A perfect blend of nostalgia and specialty coffee roasting practices.

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A perfect blend of nostalgia and specialty coffee roasting practices.

When the subscription community was asked whether they'd like to see a lighter or darker blend to hit the discovery lineup next - the results were overwhelming. There's just something about those rich, deep tones in the cup, especially when paired with milk.


The idea with IYKYK then was to create something that blurred the lines between that nostalgic dark roast we grew up with in the 90s and 00s, and the nuanced flavour specialty coffee brings to the cup these days. 


The answer is taking two coffees that are known for having bigger body to begin with, and roasting them to a point which brings out some roast flavour character, whilst retaining some origin character in the cup too. 


Coffees from Chandra Hills India and the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala are blended prior to roasting, and taken to the edge of second crack, with more heat left in the drum to increase caramelisation in development. 


If you love a darker roast, this coffee is for you. If you turned you back on dark roasts some time ago, this coffee may just bring you back to the dark side.


All preorders placed for IYKYK Will be roasted and dispatched on Monday 23rd May

Tasting Notes & Roasting Info

Golden Syrup | Dark Chocolate | Cherry


50% India Chandra Hills- 25% Development Ratio

50% Guatemala Huehuetenango - 25% Development Ratio

Pre-roast blending.

Coffee is roasted and shipped too fresh to drink. It should arrive just as it's ready to be brewed! Coffee is best consumed between 7-30 days after the roast date on the bag.

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