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Comments from the Community:

We have been using Coffeefusion beans for over 3 years and are always impressed with the quality of the coffee and the very prompt dispatch and delivery. The Keyboard Warrior and Click Bait blends are great go to staples which are consistently of great quality and flavor. The always changing selection of Single Origin coffees keep the coffee line up exciting with something new to try.

Nicholas Zaknic

Comments from the Community:

Your latte art videos are the best on YouTube and I've seen them all, you explain the details really well, thanks for all the work you put out there!

Mady Lacaprucia

Comments from the Community:

Three years ago, I had never extracted a shot of coffee in my life... Coffeefusion assisted in recommending an espresso machine and grinder, their online videos taught me everything I need to know about set-up and extraction and the delicious beans have kept me and my wife alive during our first three years of parenthood! I'm a happy customer of a local business that goes above and beyond!

Ben Pates

Comments from the Community:

Have to admit I especially like that you demonstrated with the exact model espresso machine I’m working with. This will make it even easier to follow your example and achieve more consistent results.

Rob FJ

Comments from the Community:

Really informative and easy to follow tutorial! Good stuff Coffeefusion

Stuart Lee Archer

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