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Wonberta Mill | Ethiopia | Natural Process


Wonberta is a mill operating in Kercha - within the Guji region of Ethiopia. The mill services many small scale farms sized from approx 0.5-5 hectares, purchasing cherries and paying a premium price for quality picking. 

Wonberta has an export licence, and has both wet and dry processing facilities, allowing them to have better control of the product they export. 

The processing is meticulous - leading to some amazing coffee, which is an excellent example of coffee from this region.


Blueberry | Toffee | Lime
Juicy fruit sweetness with a toffee body.
Brewing Suggestion:
Espresso: 20g in 40g out in 26-28 seconds
Pour Over: 14g in 238g out in 2.5 minutes

Produced by: Various Smallholder Farmers
Variety: Mixed Heirloom Varieties
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1700-1900masl

Roast Info:
18% Development Ratio
Suited to Espresso and Filter Brewing
Want more Info? Check out the video on Wonberta Mill:

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