Specialty Milk Jug | Barista Hustle

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Matt Perger is one of Australia's and indeed the world's most passionate coffee professionals. Never wanting to do things by halves, when he sets out to do something he does it properly.

The same can be said about the Barista Hustle Milk Jug. Meticulously aligned in all directions down to the millimetre, the jug is precise and durable to withstand cafe and home environments alike.

Handy volume indicators mark the inside of the jug every 50mL, helping you to make sure you have the right amount of milk for the coffees you make, also helping to reduce milk wastage.

Whether you're a beginner latte artist, or a seasoned pro, the spout will help you take your pours to the next level. The spout is an 'all-rounder' style, and can pour tulips and rosettas with ease. For more info watch this video here. (coming soon!)

Available in 400mL and 600mL sizes.