Rosa Elena | Colombia | Anaerobic Fermentation

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Rosa Elena is an exciting microlot brought in to Australia by the Colombian producers and importers Cofinet. They first met Rosa Elena at El Sena coffee school in Pitalito, Huila back in September 2016. At the time she was undertaking a course on fermentation with a small group of other growers from the region.


The team from Cofinet requested a sample of her Caturra variety, and were suitably impressed by the cleanliness of the coffee not only physically as dry parchment, but again when the coffee was cupped back at the lab. Unfortunately at the time, her whole crop was already spoken for, but Cofinet committed to not only purchasing from her in the future, but at a higher price than she had received this time around. 


Fast forward to 2018, on a cupping table in Perth, Western Australia, and I too was surprised by the sweetness and cleanliness of this coffee. Amongst a table of very high quality samples, I kept coming back around to this particular cupping bowl, and by the end of the cupping with very little left to slurp! Black coffee drinkers - look for the subtle red apple lingering in the background, which particularly intrigued me.


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