Lunar Smart Scale | Acaia

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Nothing changes your coffee making game like accurately weighing your brewing. Since the company launch on Kickstarter, Acaia has had a profound effect on the coffee industry. With beautifully designed products, and their industry experience for creating precise weighing equipment, Acaia scales have become a given in cafe and home setups alike.


The lunar is their smaller footprint scale. It features an ultra fast20ms response time which will give you instantaneous readings as your extractions are happening. Accurate and stable readings will give you accuracy to 0.1grams. The stop watch can help you time your extractions whether you're measuring your filter brewing or your yield under the espresso machine.


Rechargeable by USB, the scale will handle 20-30hrs of use between charges. The lunar is also 'barista proof' - built to handle drips of espresso under the machine, and the pace of modern cafe life. Take care of it and it will take care of you.