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La Nueva Esperanza | Guatemala | Washed Process


I'm excited to have another Guatemalan coffee pass through the roastery - with this origin comes flavours which I think lend themselves especially well to milk-based espresso. Indeed coffee is as important to Guatemala as a producing country as it is to the coffee drinkers of Australia, with over a quarter of Guatemala's population involved in producing coffee.

La Nueva Esperanza (translating to 'A New Hope' in English) is found in the Huehuetenango (the H's are silent!) region of Guatemala. This region is home to the highest non-volcanic mountains in Central America - and as such provides ideal conditions for growing coffee. 

The farm owners are working hard to push quality coffee production on their farm, with all premiums earned from their efforts put back towards the farm to further increase quality for future seasons.



Malt | Milk Chocolate | Cherry
Smooth chocolate body with a lingering juicy sweetness
Brewing Suggestion:
20g in 40g out in 26-28 seconds
Produced by: Alejo Mendez Hernandez
Variety: Bourbon and Caturra
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1600masl
Roast Info:
20% Development Ratio
Suited to Espresso



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