Geovane Miranda | Brazil | Natural Process

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Orange Milk Chocolate ● Hazelnut


Jaffa in coffee form

Produced by: Geovane Miranda

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural Process

Altitude: 1000-1150masl




Earlier in the year we featured a coffee from Edio Miranda - so when I saw a coffee option from producer Geovane Miranda my interest was already peeked. After chatting with the importers 3 Brothers Koffee, it was confirmed that Geovane was a relative of Edio, and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to follow one great Brazil with another.


Geovane grew up on coffee farms and always planned to follow in the family tradition of growing coffee. He inherited the estate from his father, and has since shifted focus to producing specialty grade coffee. This came about when a group of roasters came to the region, and explained what they were looking for quality-wise, and explained the extra money they would be willing to spend for this quality. 


Since switching to specialty coffee production, the financial situation of the farm has improved significantly. The work too has increased, picking their coffee by hand as apposed to the more common machine picking in Brazil.


On the cupping table, this coffee was a stand out in amongst other coffees from Brazil. From the get go, it reminded me of Jaffa, with vibrant orange acidity in the cup. Great for long blacks and milk coffee alike.