Finca Edgar | Costa Rica | Natural Process

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When it comes to new coffees - things generally go one of two ways. Either we already know of a farm, hear of the latest harvest, and taste a sample to see how things have gone this year and decide whether we will bring it back in to the roastery. This is great to see how farms improve and enhance the flavour of their coffee year on year, and over the years you can certainly notice a farm evolve season after season.


The other way things happen is when we discover a new coffee on the cupping table. This can happen at a public cupping event, or when you get a stack of fresh samples from a coffee importer. The latter was the case when we received a bunch of samples from Cafe Imports - a big specialty coffee supplier which I have used for the first time with this selection.


Amongst a number of cupping bowls, there was one particular sample which caught me by surprise. Firstly, I was delighted by the intense, juicy body this coffee offered. As it cooled, I was intrigued by more intricate fruit flavours - mainly the bright pineapple and citrus tones. The most surprising part was when I flipped over the coffee info and revealed where the sample was from - A natural Costa Rican instead of the Ethiopian I was perhaps expecting.


This led me on an interesting journey as I discovered more about the producers of this coffee. As it often goes at origin, the second generation of coffee producers have taken significant steps to improve cup quality. One of the biggest steps being the micro mill the Aguilera Brothers have built, with the funds they received from placing fourth in the 2007 Cup of Excellence. It's exciting to see specialty coffee initiatives like CoE directly improve resources at farm level, which lead to improved cup quality.

Although skeptical at first, their father has been pleased with the results of the mill. Before the addition, the family had to sell their coffee to a local co-op, and had no connection with the roasters who ultimately purchased their coffee.  Now they produce a number of varieties, and by having heir own mill, enjoy more direct conversations with the people roasting and selling their coffee. The feedback from which has been invaluable for improving quality, which we can now enjoy.



NB for Filter Roast Purchases: Filter roasts will be every second week - on the first and third weeks of the month.