Click Bait | Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Click Bait is a seasonal Espresso Blend, designed to showcase the best of what coffee has to offer at the moment, in a blend which is balanced but provides an interesting and memorable cup profile. Whilst designed with the Espresso Machine in mind, Click Bait has been tasted through a number of alternate brew methods with similar successes.



Praline | Milk Chocolate | Orange


An intriguing coffee that will keep you thinking from first to last sip.

Brewing Suggestion:

20g in 40g out in 26-28 seconds

Current Coffees:

Base: 40%  Colombia Villa Mercedez

Mid Tones: 30% Honduras Vallecillo

Sweetness: 30% Costa Rica Finca Edgar


Roast Info:

Villa Mercedez - 21% Development Ratio
Vallecillo - 21% Development Ratio
Finca Edgar - 20% Development Ratio
Post Roast Blend
Suited to Espresso, Stovetop, Aeropress and French Press.