Rugoza Washing Station | Burundi | Washed Process

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Burundi is a coffee origin dear to my heart. As a young roaster many years ago, I remember reading about coffee from a country I had never heard of - 'Burundi'. I started off with a google search, to find out that Burundi was a country in Africa, and one of the least affluent countries in the world. With Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya as nearby neighbours, I knew that potential for great coffee was there. But when I roasted and tasted the coffee for the first time, I was so surprised that a country I previously hadn't even heard of produced such delicious coffee.


Fast forward to 2020 and Burundi is a respected specialty coffee producing country. It's exciting to see a country with a weak economy using coffee as a means to improve people's livelihoods. Indeed, coffee has become the country's biggest export, and as the quality of their coffee has increased, the price roasters have been willing to pay for their coffee has too.


Coffee growing in Burundi is comparable to a lot of other African countries, with farmers producing small amounts of coffee, and traceability being centralised to local washing stations. Cafe Imports has spent the last decade cupping coffees from over 50 washing stations, trying to find the best of what Burundi has to offer. Rugoza services over 1200 producers, and their quality control practices have led to delicious coffee in the cup. With intense raspberry, apple and a balancing buttery body - this coffee on the cupping table reminded me of a dessert pie, and will impress espresso and filter lovers alike.