La Dorada Y Potrerito | Colombia | Washed Process

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Our latest single origin offering has been recommended for us by the lovely crew at Cafe Imports. They seem to have a knack for keeping an eye out for unique coffees, and they're always quick to recommend them to me when they do. Because of their great samples in the past, I was excited when they announced they had some new Colombians arriving and some in particular I should take a look at.


La Dorada Y Potrerito is an 11-hectare farm in the Cauca region of Colombia. Owner Jesus Albeiro Cometa Camayo  strictly plants Castillo variety arabica, and has very particular criteria for picking ripe cherries.


After picking the coffee is depulped the same day, then fermented dry for 24 hours before being washed three times and dried in parabolic driers for 15–20 days.


This coffee is part of Cafe Imports' 'Farm Select' programme - which helps to highlight single producers growing quality coffee with small to medium size farms. In Colombia this is an initiative with Banexport, to incentivise farmers to produce specialty coffee by providing them with equipment to help improve quality.


The moment this coffee hit the cupping table, I was suitably impressed! There are roast profiles for Espresso and Filter, with plenty of stone fruit in the cup and abundant sweetness. As a black coffee Guava notes are also present, while a nice toffee body rounds things out for milk drinkers.


NB for Filter Roast Purchases: Filter roasts will be every second week - on the first and third weeks of the month.