Edio Miranda | Brazil | Honey Process

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Caramel Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter


Velvety smooth cup with balancing acidity

Produced by: Edio Miranda

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Honey Process

Altitude: 1200masl



It is exciting to bring a delicious coffee in from the biggest producing powerhouse - Brazil. When searching for single origin offerings, I have a number of strict guidelines that help me make my purchase. Flavour-wise, I'm looking for coffees which either offer something truly unique, or offer the best version of what I think in my head when I think of that producing country. I also want coffees with very distinct flavours - I want people who buy my coffees to be able to get what I'm saying when I mention flavour notes on my tasting cards.


Recently Dayanna from 3Brothers Coffee sent me a message via instagram, letting me know that she would be in Perth and would love to swing by with some current samples. I had seen 3Brothers Coffee at MICE and was definitely keen for one of their Brazils to hit my lineup. She brought a number of samples, including some coffees which might make their way into Keyboard Warrior in the future. All of the samples were solid, showcasing a variety of what Brazil has on offer.


Edio Miranda and his wife Maria purchased their farm back in 1947. The 28 hectares was previously not used for farming, and they set about turning the property in to their main source of income. Although the farm has been producing coffee for many years, in the last 15 the focus has shifted to producing higher quality coffees, with efforts made to post-harvest practices in order to continually improve. The next generation are now involved in the coffee's production, with processing taking part at the property. 


Another focus for Edio is the sustainability of the farm and the land it is on. He takes great care in maintaining the soil, preserving the natural rivers and local species. His main objective is to be sustainable in three aspects - economical, social, and environmental.


It's always great meeting new people in coffee's ever-growing supply chain. Events like MICE offer the chance to meet other people who are passionate about coffee and depend on it for their livelihood. If you want to check out the farm while you're sipping this delicious coffee, be sure to follow @fazenda_ediomiranda on instagram.