Swan Tutorial - 6 Week Latte Art Bootcamp Episode 5

Swan Tutorial - 6 Week Latte Art Bootcamp Episode 5

Welcome back to the fifth week of the 6 Week Latte Art Bootcamp. This week we’re going to learn how to pour a Swan!


If you’re watching this episode then hopefully it means you’ve spent a bit over a month practicing the more basic designs, and you’re ready to tackle something a bit more advanced. If you haven’t nailed the heart, rosetta and tulip pours yet, I definitely recommend watching the rest of the series first and practicing those pours before you try to get the Swan happening.


But if you’re ready, let's get stuck in! You can watch the video guide here or keep scrolling if you prefer to read.


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Combining the Elements

Now, the Swan is a great tester of your latte art skills - as it combines a number of elements we’ve already learnt. This pattern has a rosetta base for the lake the swan is on, another rosetta style wiggle pour to create the wings of the swan, a tulip style bulb pushed in to create the Swan’s body, some jug movement to create the neck, and finally a heart to create the Swan’s head.


Note that if you can do these elements individually, it’s just a matter of practice to put them all together.. let’s walk through the steps!


Set the Crema

As always, first of all we’re going to set our crema. Now in previous patterns we waited to being 3/4 full before we started our pour. This time around just spend the first half of the cup setting the crema. This will give us more time to pour the pattern, otherwise we might end up with a headless swan!


The Lake

Once your crema is set, the first step is to pour the lake the Swan is on. push in the bulb and start your wiggle as if you’re making a rosetta base. once the rosetta starts to wrap around, stop the pour to complete the lake.


Some Wings

Next up, it’s time to create the wings of the swan. Push another bulb into the lake. If the structure of your pattern starts to fall apart here, you’ve probably either made the lake too high in the cup, or your milk is a little thin causing everything to collapse.

IF you’ve done well, you should be able to push the bulb in, and then wiggle up to the top of the cup to create the wings, in the same way you’d do so to create the second half of a rosetta.


The Body

For our next step we want to create the body of the swan. With a rosetta, we’d normally cut down the centre of the pattern. However, for a swan, we want to drag down the side of the pattern instead.

Once we’ve done this, hold your jug here an allow a bulb to form for the body


Finish it Off!

The last thing we need to do is draw in a neck, and create the head for a swan. This is done with a little swinging motion, close to the crema so that white is drawn on as we do.

Draw the jug up from the bulb to create the neck, and then push in one final bulb for the head, and pull through. You can either pull straight down or pull through to the side to change the shape of the Swan’s head.


Now this is quite an advanced pour if you’ve just been pouring hearts rosettas and tulips up until now. The first few times you’re going to muddle up the elements and it’s going to feel like you’ll never get it. However, just practice each step one after another, and sooner or later it will feel like you have more than enough time.


Worth Thinking About

A couple of things to consider - your milk texture here is really important. Too thin, and as I mentioned earlier all the elements will collapse on each other. Iff your milk is too thick, you will end up with a really ‘blobby/fat’ swan.

Make sure when you’re doing your lake, you leave a lot of room for the rest of the pattern. The spacing of the pattern is really important to make the final pattern look like a swan.

Of course, when you’ve mastered this pattern, the world is your Oyster - you can try creating a swan with two sets of wings taking flight, or you can use these skills to create any range of other patterns in the cup.


If you’re brave, you can also send pictures or videos to my instagram, @thecoffeefusion, for me to use as examples next week.


Thanks again for following Coffeefusion, and I’ll see you next week for the last episode of the 6 week Latte art bootcamp.

Until then… keep frothing’!

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