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Latte Art Tulip - Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome back to the 3rd week of the Latte Art Bootcamp! So far we have learnt some of the fundamentals of latte art in episode one, and how to pour a heart in episode 2.

This week we are going to expand on our heart pour style and pour some tulips! The best way to learn this is by watching the video. If you prefer to read, scroll past the video :)

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A bit like a Heart

The tulip is very similar to pouring a heart, except that you push a number of bulbs into the cup. So if you think back to your heart pouring, you set the crema, and then move the jug close to the crema to push a white bulb into the cup. A tulip follows a similar method, except you pour many bulbs into the cup.

Set the crema as usual. From here, stop pouring, and move your jug close to that nice brown crema surface. Start your milk flow again as you “push” your first white bulb into the middle of the cup.

Once you have formed that bulb, stop your pouring stream, move back to the start of the cup, and repeat the process. When you pour your second bulb in, make sure you pour it into the centre of the previous bulb in order to maximise your symmetry.


Repeat this process with four or five bulbs, for the first few, push them into the previous bulb, and then as the cup fills, work your way to the top of the cup, pushing bulbs less and less each time.

Lift up and Pull Through

As the cup fills, push in one last bulb, lift up your jug and pull through the centre of all the bulbs, to cut through your pattern.

As you get better, you can stack more and more bulbs in to the pattern - just remember that sometimes it’s better to be simple and clean than it is to make a pattern over-complicated and messy.

Remember! Aim to the centre of the previous bulbs.. if you push the bulb into the side of the previous bulb you’ll lose out on symmetry.. The first and second bulbs are the most important and then it will be natural to continue to stack cleaning after that.


Next week we are going to check out how to pour the rosetta, one of the other main patterns in latte art. So make sure you practice your tulips this week to solidify this lesson before we move on.

Remember if you pour some latte art you’re proud of you can send it o my instagram @thecoffeefusion - and I’ll give you some feedback if you still need it, but until next time…

Keep Frothin’

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