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Latte Art Rosetta - Step-by-Step Guide

Hello and welcome back to the fourth Episode of the 6 Week Latte Art Bootcamp. This week we’re going to learn how to pour the Rosetta!

So if you’ve been watching all the way through, you should now have a solid understanding of Hearts and Tulips. I’ve been seeing the posts you’ve been sending me on instagram and it’s awesome to see how your latte art has improved already. Check out the video - or if you'd prefer to read your tips... scroll on :)

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Go with the Flow

The secret to a good latte art rosetta is getting the flow happening in the cup, so that when you start wiggling the jug from side to side, it helps to move the lines around in the cup. In order to get this flow going, holding your cup on a bit of an angle is helpful.

We are going to start by setting the crema, as we have done with all of our patterns. because the rosetta has finer leaves, having a good solid crema base is important to stop your pattern from washing out.

Once your crema is set, we are going to move the jug in, and give a little push like we did with our tulip bulb, in order to start creating the flow. You can either do this by stopping pouring, and starting pouring with that tulip style bulb, or you can simply move the jug closer to the crema, and wait for the flow to start in the cup before you start wiggling.


Now the wiggle is what makes the rosetta happen. Gently rock the jug side to side and you’ll see the lines start to follow the flow of the cup and wrap around. We want to see some lines wrap around the spout of the jug. Once this has happened, move slightly into the pattern as you continue the wiggle to complete the base.

Work up the cup

Now the next part of the pattern is tricky to perfect. You want to keep rocking evenly from side to side, as you work your way back up the cup. Once you’ve got to the edge, lift up your jug and pull through, to cut the pattern and create the leaves of your rosetta.

Fast or Slow

Something to note with the rosetta - you can change the style of your lines with how fast you wiggle. The faster you wiggle the thinner your lines or leaves.. the slower you wiggle, the fatter your leaves. Some people purposely slow down their wiggle to create a ‘slowsetta’.

The biggest thing to practice with this one is to make sure that your wiggling side to side is nice and even. If you have a jug with a thinner spout it might make things a little bit easier, but you can use a fatter style spout as well. If you want you can practice with water in your jug and cup to try and get your wiggling nice and even.


Make sure you give the rosetta a good practice this week, as next week we will be combining the tulip, rosetta and heart pour techniques and putting it all together to create a Swan!

Lastly, I want to thank La Marzocco again for the use of the Linea Mini to create this series. It is a wicked machine - especially the steam wand for texturing milk. I’ll be creating a bigger review video of the machine in the next week or so.

Until next week...

Keep Frothin' 

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