Heart Latte Art Heart Tutorial - Latte Art Bootcamp

Heart Latte Art Heart Tutorial - Latte Art Bootcamp

Latte Art Heart - Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome back to the 6-Week Latte Art Bootcamp! Over the last week, you've been practicing how to set the crema, and perhaps poured a few little white blobs onto the top of your coffee. If you haven't seen the first episode of this bootcamp I definitely recommend checking that out first.

This week we're ready to pour our first pattern - the heart! Grab your coffee, watch this video, and get ready to pour beautiful coffee for yourself and those you love. If you prefer to read, scroll past the video for the text version.

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Step One: Set that Crema!

No matter what pattern you're trying to pour, setting the crema is the first thing we want to do. So let's pull some shots, steam some milk, and get pouring!

When you're setting the crema, if any white appears, pour over the top of it to push it below that brown surface.

Step 2: Move that Jug

When our cup is about 3/4 full, that's when we want to start our pattern. At this stage everything should be nice and silky.

For a heart, we then move our jug spout close to the crema, and begin to pour. You'll see a white bulb starting to form. This is easiest to do if you have your cup on a slight angle. Now it's important here to make sure that you push that bulb right into the centre of the cup, and make sure you're pushing into the middle not off to one side.

Step 3: It's a bulb!

From here you want to just hold that nice even flow, to let the bulb expand. As the cup fills, remember to straighten the cup so that it doesn't spill.

Step 4: Make it a Heart!

Now that the cup is almost full, you should notice hat the heart is almost fully formed. All you need to do is lift up the jug, and pull through, to create the top and the bottom of the heart.

Step 5: Troubleshooting

A couple of things to think about to perfect your hearts.. it's important as it is with most latte art that your milk isn't too thin. If so it will be harder to set the crema, and your pattern might slide around in the cup.

Getting your jug angle perfect also helps you to create a nice symmetrical heart.

Make sure you are careful when setting the crema, if not you might pour a great pattern but it won't look good if it's washed out.

Once you get the  basic heart down, try wiggling your jug back and fourth as the bulb is forming to create something more textured.

The heart is a great pattern to start off your latte art journey. Remember quality milk and espresso will make it a lot easier to get your patterns helping - thanks to La Marzocco for lending me the linea mini for this series!


Your homework this week is to practice pouring the heart. Send me your efforts to my instagram @thecoffeefusion and I'll provide you with some feedback.

Remember if you need some coffee while you're doing this bootcamp, use the discount code 'latteart' for 20% off all Coffeefusion coffee. Keyboard Warrior is especially good for milk coffee and latte art.

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