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Lesson Two - Texturing Silky Milk

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Now that you have your espresso game pumping, it's time to start spinning some milk. Check out the video below for a basic understanding of milk texturing.

Lesson Length: ~5 mins

Lesson Difficulty: Basic



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  • Robert Miller on

    Ah! Air first! Thanks. Robert from Feed Me Pizza in Adelaide.

  • Angela Sandberg on

    Hi Mr. Cawfie, I am from Washington state, just north of Seattle, and I have managed an espresso business many moons ago….so I appreciate your coffee expertise and have learned a couple new talents from your videos. My husband and I have always wanted to visit Australia because we think the people are so kind and happy. Must be a wonderful place to live. We like a light roast and I like to pour and drink ristretto shots …which of your coffees do you think we would like to buy? Thanks for your videos, Rob & Ang

  • Sean on

    I had no idea to get the air in before it’s too warm. Thanks!

  • christine on

    Educative n motivating

  • Gary on

    Ahh, so that’s how they do it!

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