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Lesson One - Pulling Great Shots

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The fundamental component of every great espresso-based coffee, whether it be a black or milk coffee, is a great Espresso extraction.


This first video gives you everything you need to know about pulling great shots.

Lesson Length: ~5 mins

Lesson Difficulty: Basic



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  • Ned Murphy on

    I have a Gaggia Classic. Will this machine steam milk for latte art?

  • Brad Kain on

    Hey mate, I am Perth based and have watched a few of your coffee fusion videos now and they are pretty on point compared to others floating around the net. I have very recently bought myself a home espresso machine (Breville dual boiler bes920) partnered with a Baratza Sette.

    Being a rookie espresso maker thus far I have been dialling in my shots but am finding it hard to know when the shot is done and if i am over/under extracting (difficult to deter between the blonding stage)

    One question I am finding it hard to find an answer to is does the 25-30 sec extraction time include pre-infusion? my machine is set up for factory 7secs for example.

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